Become a Member

Becoming a member of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities connects staff to a network of more than 450 private, nonprofit human service organizations and community centers whose programs impact more than 3.4 million individuals every year. Through the Alliance network, members are able to share ideas, solutions, and experiences while having access to a wide variety of services and benefits that include:

Joining the Alliance network is a simple and easy process:

  1. Confirm that the organization is private, nonprofit, and has a mission consistent with all organizations represented within the Alliance’s membership network.
  2. Contact the Alliance Member Relations Department directly, or complete a membership information request form.
  3. Review any questions about membership with the Alliance Member Relations Department.
  4. Complete the membership application

Additional Membership & Dues Information

The Alliance is not a franchisee, nor does it issue charters. Alliance members retain their autonomy and local boards.

Membership dues are tier-based according to the personnel budget of an organization.

To determine which dues category is appropriate, or for answers to any other questions about Alliance membership, contact the Alliance Member Relations Department.

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