Recipes for Rising Neighborhoods

Resident engagement is the secret ingredient to health, well-being and sustainable communities.

Through this e-book and report, learn how four community-based organizations, Congreso de Latinos Unidos, John H. Boner Community Center, INPEACE, and Neighborhood Centers Inc., infuse resident engagement strategies into their work. From early childhood education to workforce development to health services, there’s a recipe for every organization.

Whether an organization is deeply entrenched in resident engagement strategies or this is a new concept, Recipes for Rising Neighborhoods, illustrates how resident engagement can be applied to every aspect of organizational work. Resident engagement is an approach and process that brings groups together based on mutual respect, interest, and common goals to improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

How to Develop Your Own Recipe

  1. Explore the Recipes for Rising Neighborhoods e-book to experience authentic resident engagement at work
  2. Read the written report for more detailed information; it uncovers key findings, concepts, and engagement practices that work in four diverse communities
  3. Use the tools in the report's appendices to assess and improve your organization’s engagement:

    1. Assess Your Resident Engagement. A checklist for assessing and describing your current resident engagement strategies
    2. Appreciative Inquiry Resources and Publications. A brief list of written reports and resources about appreciative inquiry processes and approaches
    3. Collecting Community Stories. Descriptions of processes for collecting community stories using a resident engagement approach

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Social Capital and Community Building
Social Work, Programming, and Services
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