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As members of extended families are moving more miles apart and society becomes increasingly age-segregated, human-serving organizations look to intergenerational programming to build relationships and community among generations.

Issue 3 — 2013

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals are kids. They’re older adults. And they’re every age in between. According to the 2000 and 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, they live in New York and San Francisco, in rural farm communities and small southern towns, and in foster homes and retirement communities.

Issue 1 — 2012

As the 2012 presidential election draws near, organizations should prepare to voice priority issues and engage their communities in election activities. To support these efforts, the Alliance developed a list of questions to ask candidates. "Getting Ready to Engage in the 2012 Elections" explains how to use these candidate questions to further your efforts and shares ideas for meaningful participation in the 2012 election season.

Issue 4 — 2011

Most nonprofit organizations recognize the value of their board members’ ability to build relationships with donors and solicit donations. Yet, they often underestimate the same individuals’ potential to build relationships with elected officials and advocate for positive policy changes.

Issue 3 — 2011

During the winter months of 2011, the Alliance’s home state of Wisconsin became a national symbol of the widely differing ideologies related to the power of government and the role it should play in Americans’ lives. Regardless of where the leaders of nonprofit human service organizations stand politically, they must make the effort to “play in the game” of this debate, rather than “observe from the sidelines.”

Issue 2 — 2011

About 60 men and women, all too old to be heading to elementary or middle school, board a yellow school bus on a brisk March 2011 morning. Many haven’t been on a bus in years, but today they have been told that they are no longer themselves. Each is participating in Journey Home, a bus tour presented by Alliance member Adoption Resources of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. The tour is designed to educate public officials about the intricacies of the child welfare system.

Issue 2 — 2011

Some young people can mature and develop valuable life skills by participating in activities that promote civic engagement and self-determination. Many Alliance members are committed to integrating these efforts into all facets of their organizations.

Issue 1 — 2011

Carlette Daniels not only believes that empowering individuals can empower a community—she’s living proof that it’s true.

Issue 4 — 2010

While sifting through a century’s worth of memories, resources, and materials, Alliance staff were particularly moved by the article reprinted here. More than 40 years after it was written, the piece continues to strike chords with those who read it because of its unwavering voice, sense of purpose, and request for action.

Issue 3 — 2010

When proposed cuts to the Ohio state budget threatened to eliminate funding for Help Me Grow, a successful statewide child development program, staff at Alliance member Personal and Family Counseling Services, New Philadelphia, Ohio, turned to those who could best convey the impact of losing the program: the families it served.

Issue 2 — 2010

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