Project Summaries

2016 Graduates

Senior Vice President of External Affairs and Strategy
Chicago, IL
Chief Compliance Officer
Cerebral Palsy of Ulster County
Kingston, NY
Vice President of Home & Community Services
Kakamazoo, MI
Executive Vice President of Clinical Care
Pasadena, CA

2015 Graduates

Vice President, Outpatient & Community Services
Hartford, CT
Vice President of Development & Community
Kansas City, KS
Chief Operations Officer
Detroit, MI

2014 Graduates

Director of Community Services
Yonkers, NY
Director of the Strategy Counts Initiative
Alliance for Children and Families
Milwaukee, WI
Regional Program Director/Clinical Supervisor
Moorhead, MN
Vice President of Clinical Services
Kansas City, MO
Central Region Community-Based Services Director
Richmond, VA
President & CEO
Chileda Institute
La Crosse, WI

2013 Graduates

2012 Graduates

2011 Graduates

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