Scanning the Horizons

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities serves as a national radar system by:

  • Providing members with up-to-date information about changing trends and opportunities in the nonprofit human service sector
  • Tracking social service issues that influence the programs and services members provide

Scanning the Horizons is a family of knowledge products that includes:

  • Statistical Reports by Topic. These curated collections can be used to identify trends in areas addressed by human-serving nonprofits and compare local data to national statistics.
  • Scanning the Horizons: Generational Perspectives on the Future of Nonprofits. Previous Scanning the Horizons reports have consistently identified nonprofit workforce issues as a major topic of concern. More recently, news and journal articles have featured trend indicators such as generational differences in the workplace, along with past nonprofit sector reports warning of upcoming leadership shortages. Based on these past and emerging trends, the latest Scanning the Horizons project focuses on generational perspectives regarding the future of nonprofits.
  • Top Five Trends Report. Scanning the Horizons: Top Five Trends summarizes five significant trends and outlines their impact on human service organizations.
  • Issue Briefs. These guides provide concise information for understanding the strength and vitality of the nonprofit sector. They articulate why human service organizations are valuable, critical partners in collaborative efforts to strengthen families and communities.
  • A Focus on Aging Trends. Seventy million American adults will reach age 65 by 2029, yet human service organizations and government entities have been slow to keep pace with programs and services. This collection is designed to call attention the challenges older adults face, as well as to define the programmatic implications aging has on human service organizations.
  • Statistical Trends Report. Scanning the Horizons: A Statistical Trends Overview contains information about indicators that affect member organizations and their clients. The report contains a variety of links to resources with additional statistics.

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